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Extraordinary expertise. Unparalleled care with empathy.

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Thoughtful, expert care for all

The care offered by our associates goes beyond the traditional or expected. Here, caregivers know they aren’t merely performing a job; they are making a difference, and they treat each task, each interaction, as though they were caring for their own family member.

Perhaps that’s why so many of our residents, and their own families, come to regard our staff as family as well. You can tell when someone truly cares, when they want the best for you and your loved ones. At The Landing, that feeling extends through each individual to our entire culture—whether it is Assisted Living, The Bridge, Memory Care, or even Independent Living residents.

Of course, empathy and caring must be backed by expertise and knowledge; our caregivers are all highly trained and continually learning. They develop a deep connection with residents and provide a truly loving and nurturing environment.

That’s why we call these caregivers “Nayas,” which in ancient Sanskrit means a guide, a person of wisdom, an engaged leader. Together, our Nayas and other caregivers offer much more than simple care. They inspire joy and purpose. They help residents enhance their wellness and forge stronger connections. And they do it all with an unwavering commitment to dignity and respect.

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